Adopt 10x approach in Computer Science Degree…!🔥

I’m pursuing my bachelors in Computer Science from last 2 and a half year, what I have seen in my fellows that there are numerous students who end up with lower job positions or having less skills after their degree because they didn’t got the proper counseling regarding their field or market required skills!

So, I will share 10x approach with y’all how you folks can pursue your degree in a way that will make you ready for the interview in Google, Facebook type companies and what are the key courses that you have to most focus on and some tips and tricks for the better skills development :)

My end goal is to make you comprehend that CS has whole universe in it, there is nothing impossible to do, you just desire a proper path way. so, we’ll be talking over following things which you can follow to become a master in Computer Science 😎

  • Most worth full Concepts
  • Projects you have to build
  • How to become better programmer
  • How to get hired in tech giants
  • Soft Skills

Let’s get Started 🤩

🕯 Beginning of your 4 years journey

In very first semester mostly universities will teach you the course of Introduction to programming fundamental, Applied physics, programming language like C or C++ and Ms Office. They are just giving you an synopsis regarding these concepts, they never took you to the deeper concepts like the main reason of having a course of Applied physics is to implementation of physics principles in computer science but they teach you just momentum, force and newtons laws. so don’t just rely on your university, do learn about gravity equations, Navier stoke equation by your own which is gonna enable you build simulation. In fact Microsoft, Google have their own simulation system in which they test computer science design principle and their underlying principle which is completely based on applied physics. More over when you play any game you see Air, water, motions and movements they all are develop by inverse and forward cymatics and you can see it by your own if you download the standard assets or character controller of unity and see its script written on C#, so you’ll find the gravity equation there. This is why applied physics is crucial in CS and so you have to comprehend these concepts.

📐 Single and multi variable Calculus

If you have any interest in Artificial Intelligence so you have to consider this course extremely significant because machine learning is nothing but math and if you go in a bit deeper so you’ll find calculus concept’s like derivatives, integration etc. like we can’t do back propagation in neural network without chain rule. In CS you'll see calculus principles on and off in many places.

💪🏻 Power of C++

C++ is versatile language, you can build really amazing stuff by using C++. Our world wide web is completely written on C++ but still our universities asked you to create simple console base read and write tool which can read an employee name, age etc and write it on a .txt file. but for God sake go for something creative which is based on GUI, not go for console based tool because this habit will stuck with you till the end of your degree. In universities they will just teach you C++ up to functions and classes but you have to discover about GPU programming, Directx programming, Open GL programming, Web GL programming type thing by your own because if you gonna apply for a internship at google after 3rd or 4th semester so they will asked you for you semester projects and if you gonna exhibit them console based application, they will definitely kick you out but on the other hand if you have something like TCP/IP socket server as your semester project then they will consider you as a potential candidate.

  • Develop game using Simple and Fast Multimedia Library.
  • First person shooter game on unreal engine.

📏 Probability and Statistics

This course is the essential for Artificial Intelligence developer. Entire Machine Learning works on probability and statistics principles’ like K nearest neighbors, Linear regression, Random Forest etc. No one can survive in AI without having a understanding of this course. You can initiate python library like Pstats as a semester project , which can implement stats function mean, mode and Standard Deviation.

  • Create your own Algorithm (with team).
  • Solve real world problem related to Fintech Market

🎯 Digital Logic and Design (DLD)

This course is lovely and bit easier as compare to others. You have tones of amazing projects on which you can work on. You can build keyloggers in hardware, signal jammers , WiFi authors etc. These are the projects which can teach you real world material ground truth like how signal jammers work, how WiFi get disabled, how WiFi access point stable and how WiFi connects with the help of access points. these mini project can help you to get command on hardware programming.

🧮 Linear Algebra

This is also a prerequisite of Artificial Intelligence. Egin values and Egin vectors implementation in any programming language is the primary concept that you have to discover. Coordinators transformation is also vital if you wanna go for robotics including rotation matrix, rotation vectors etc.

🖱️ Object Oriented Programming (OOP)

Universities mostly prefer JAVA for OOP but you are in good university so they will teach you in C# otherwise. You need to learn multi-threading in this, which use to run single code on a multiple machines. Do try to learn about GPU programming, if you have NVIDIA graphic card then download Compute Unified Device Architecture (CUDA) and learn its programming. Because if you know GPU programming so you can increase any device speed, you can decrease their run-time etc and almost every tech giant required GPU programming because they are using handling large scale traffic every day.

📊 Discrete Mathematics

In this course you have to learn about inductive and deductive logic because this is the time when you are suppose to showcase yourself to the world by Competitive Programming. CP is the only way by which you can prove yourself to the world. Gennady Korotkevich is amazing example of this, who is the world best competitive programmer, the guy who rejected Microsoft, Google and Facebook type companies’ offer. And this course is a prerequisite for competitive programming so you have to take this seriously.

Following are the platforms from where you can polish your competitive programming skills.

🔥 Platforms :

  • Hacker Rank
  • Leetcode

following are the competitions that you can be a part of.

⚔️ Competitions :

  • Google hash code and code jam
  • Facebook Hacker Cup
  • International Collegiate Programming Contest

💾 Database Administration

So, data structure is the only concept what you will deal with in every IT related job. If you are a developer so I guaranteed you that one day time will be come when you have to deal with Databases. So you have to be prepared for it. Do try to create your own database with few features as a semester project rather than just using pre-build database.

🗣️ Soft Skills

We have been discussing about the concepts and project that you to focus on but there is main key on which you have to work on and that key is SOFT SKILLS. Search Results. Soft skills are attributes that enable you to engage in meaningful interactions with others. Since most jobs require teamwork, it’s important to possess soft skills to enhance your employability and achieve your dream job.

No worries you have four years for this so just stay concentrated on what you are doing and if you gain good understanding of all these concepts and build likewise projects then congratulation now you are ready to join GOOGLE, FACEBOOK and MICROSOFT.

  • For any Book LINK
  • For DLD Projects LINK
  • For system Design LINK

Weeyy Haaa!! 🤠 We are done and you are a completely ready to be a part of Google, Facebook and Microsoft!

Congratulations!! 🥳

That’s all from my side, I hope anything from above trash would help you. Good luck for your future endeavor. And Yeah one thing I forgot:

Please Give Some Claps!! 👏 Please..!! AaaaHAHA0HHAHA! 😭

HAHAH! Just kidding :)

Special thanks to SAAD HASSAN and M HAMZA for helping me on this 😍



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